An unreleased list i made from info that's been posted or has been talked about on this site, sharing it cause all this info is splattered everywhere + so we can continue to all cry together (p.s. I'm not confirming anything)



(HAVE STUDIOS) -- 2004-2008 tracks --

Black F ag
Chess Mess
Drink N' Fuck
Insectica (CC vs. Lo Bat)
Insectica Instrumental (CC vs. Lo Bat)
Knife Party
No Skin
She Fell Out
Too Young Too Black To Live
Untitled Unfinished/Save Christmas
Why Do You Cry Every Time I Fuck You
+ the demos for Knights & etc.

Hunting For Witches (Crystal Castles Remix) by Bloc Party
Cry Babies (Crystal Castles Remix) by Comic Book Fever
Leni (Crystal Castles Remix) by Goodbooks
Atlantis To Interzone (Crystal Castles Remix) by The Klaxons
It Fit When I Was A Kid (Crystal Castles Remix) by Liars
Trash The Rental V1 & V2 (Crystal Castles Remix) by Sohodolls
Divebomb (Crystal Castles Remix) by The Whip
Dick Dazzler (Crystal Castles Remix) by Lost Penguins
Lovers Who Uncover (Crystal Castles Remix) by The Little Ones
Make It Hottt/ Make It Hottt Demo (Crystal Castles Remix) by Uffie
Lay Down The Queen (Crystal Castles Remix) by Switches
Eat Flesh (Crystal Castles Remix) by HEALTH
Death (Crystal Castles Remix) by White Lies

(NO STUDIOS) -- mentioned track titles, alternate versions, EPS & live tracks --

Cancer Dancer (Performed Live in 2006)
Senza Cuore
Escape From My Ontario
Bitter Hearts (Performed Live in 2006)
Kleen As Kleenex (Performed Live in 2006)
Y Why (Performed Live in 2006)
Rats (Performed Live in 2006)
Tetanus (Performed Live in 2006)
Mirrorman (Performed Live in 2006)
Kurt Kurtis
Mute (Performed Live in 2006-2007)
Cunt Candles
Everybody Nobody (Performed Live in 2007)
Exoskeleton / Straight Outta Compton / Atlantis To Interzone (Performed Live in 2006-2011)
Yes No (Performed Live in 2007-2013)
Young Love
Never Been Touched
Plague (Reprise)
(+ Kill Me made by Ethan for "Totally For Teens" if that counts as a CC track)

Untitled #1 (Crystal Castles Remix) by Sigur Ros
Homecoming (Crystal Castles Remix) By The Teenagers

Sad Eyes EP (2006) ?
Magic Spells EP (2007)
Untrust Us EP (2007)
Insecticon EP (2009)
Knights EP (2009)
Rarities Album (2010)
Suffocation EP (2011)
Affection EP (2013)
Sad Eyes 7" (2013)
(0) aka 100 Demos Album

1991 (Vocal Version)
Telepath (Vocal Version)
Too Young Too Black To Live (Vocal Version)
Reckless (Vocal Version)
Affection (Alternate Version)
Courtship Dating (2006 + Alternate Versions)
Vietnam (2006 Version)
Sad Eyes (2006 Version)
Celestica (Acoustic)
Suffocation (Acoustic)
Baptism (Alternate Lyrics)
Birds (Alternate Lyrics)
Doe Deer (Alternate Lyrics)
Tell Me What To Swallow (Electronic Version from 2004-2007)
Suffocation (Robert Smith Remix)

Great list! Though i think you mean knife fight instead of knife party and original vietnam is from 2005
Great list! Though i think you mean knife fight instead of knife party and original vietnam is from 2005

oops, forgive me I made that soooo late in the night haha. I'll fix it right now & thank you :)