for a video over 13 minutes long, you need to be clear where you think the sample is

andy (from the label) has already said there are no samples in i am made of chalk
In my opinion it is about infanticide, you can hear "mommy" and "no" here and there then it feels like drowing. I bet this is Black Panther - Child's Perspective, just throwing some random ideas also idk if it is just me but I hear some "NO! NOOOOOOO!" near the end (the mom maybe???)
Ending an album is so important, and CC always does it phenomenally. Can't to hear the last track on IV.
Can we please have some of the lyrics now?
[admin edit: those weren't the lyrics]

happy 1 year anniversary of edith's 1st show

Deicide OMG
What a great track. I like Their Kindness Is Charade but I wish Deicide closed the album <3