tracklist below


1 Fainting Spells
2 Celestica
3 Doe Deer
4 Baptism
5 Year of Silence
6 Empathy
7 Suffocation
8 Violent Dreams
9 Vietnam
10 Birds
11 Pap Smear
12 Not In love
13 Intimate
14 I Am Made Of Chalk

Mono EDIT:

Physical Release

For UK (and the rest of Europe I'm guessing, I really don't know, don't quote me): May 24, 2010 according to

For US:


iTunes UK:

US iTunes:
I wanna have the album NAOOOo!!!

2 more months!
Love, can't wait.. Perfect start for the summer <3
the moment we were all waiting for. can't believe it's there. :D
yesyesyesyesyesyesyes!!!!!!!!! cant wait!
i just printed the album cover on a t-shirt using an iron-on transfer. it looks amazing.
Oooh shiiit. I first read it as the Doe Deer cover and went like "Wtf, this is wrong" and then looked at the title again. Pretty cool album cover.
Dark sounding titles. What's the albums name though? "CRYSTAL CASTLES" means it's going to be named that again?
What does it say on the grave stone?

"Mother Mona's Harvey"?
"1895 - 1964"?
Just thought I'd be an ass and say that this week I'm doing some work experience at NME magazine and guess whats on the stereo right now. Have fun waiting another two months guys  :D
we all hate you abbas.
unless you want to share it.
then we could be lovers?