does anyone have one?
apart from the wonderful howl carnage, who's cc tumblr i stalk constantly!

mine is deadcitiesredseaslostghosts.tumblr.com

feel free to follow me;)
Dead cities, red seas & lost ghosts is one of my favourite albums ever. And nice pics, btw.
yes yes yes i love m83:)
and you all have amaaaaaazing tumblrs
Argh! Tumblr is under maintenace! wtf tumblr!
I made mine just 10 minutes ago. Interested because I'm too lazy to write a proper blog.
I'm following you all, hope you don't mind. I'm anti-relief.
Now let's see.. :)
@ jonny. post a link to your blog so i can follow you
I'm still figuring it out, might take a few days..
now following.

if anyone else wants to follow my fan blog
this isn't my blog but If you like Kap bambino
follow them http://blonderoses.tumblr.com/
my tumblr is http://kkmagicmafia.tumblr.com/

i saw one person from here start following me, didnt know you were form the forum
i remember when howlcarnage and i exchanged and looked for photos online way back then