Name?Andrew, or you can call me Drew. idc.
Age? 23
Place of birth? Anchorage Alaska
Current location? Anchorage Alaska
In school? No.
What sort of work are you involved in? None atm, currently ineligible to work due to health.
Most embarrassing moment? None I can remember atm.
How often do you use the net? Daily, weekly, monthly? Oh Jesus fuckin daily m80.
Most memorable live act? AK doesn't get much in the way of good live acts but HEALTH was amazing this last year, as was Diplo. Saw Iron Lung 3 times when they played a string of shows at what some of us called "Dad Fest". I wish I still had a flyer ha
Last album you bought? Full of Hell - Trumpeting Ecstasy
Favorite alcoholic beverage? Unable to really drink due to my health buuut usually whatever gets me the drunkest quickest. Light beers though and that store bought moonshine is good.
Favorite genres of music? Punk and extreme metal in all it's varieties, IDM, various synth based music.
Ever had sex in a public place? Naaah
What is your opinion on the long-term viability of the EFTA as an economic trade bloc in Europe alongside the EU and would it be advisable for them to initiate talks with Great Britain following the Brexit? Dude idek
For the next person - How far can you fit your finger up your nose?