i still cant find a pic of lady gaga. someone describe her to me in detail
(post split to make this new thread)

Post lady gaga related stuff here now... it was beginning to get kinda carried away.

While being off topic is fine at times, for the most part, but after it continues and in turn derails a thread in one way or another, it throws off people and then people become confused or turn away etc.

Particularly in regards to a CC thread, try to stay on topic. However, in this section (Other), go off topic as much as you wish to be honest, although it is nice if you respect corresponding thread regardless.

Makes sense?

An no, this message isn't directed to anyone specifically, I'm just trying to keep things in somewhat in order is all. This message is directed to everyone basically.

Okie dokie? :)

I should probably post a basic guideline thread sometime. Something simple though, nothing too deep or confining etc.

Thx everyone.
Yay I guess I can talk here about my rediscovering of knitting like crazy then!
lol, what have you knitted so far?
well i'm mostly using the needles to ease my panick attacks so I tend to start something and undo it, then do it again.. but i just started a pretty pretty blue scarf that i inted to finish  :D
This is a good excuse to start up a little business on Etsy, I'd say. I'm sure you'd have tons of scarfs and whatnot if you don't end up undoing them. ;D
knitting was the pinnacle of 2010 internet culture... that and seapunk