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CONCRETE (link for Germany)


FRAIL   *blocked by umg*

Untrust Us covered by Capital Children's Choir


Sad Eyes

Sad Eyes *if above link shows as private*

Wrath of God (stream)

Plague   **reposted on vimeo**

i made this video in a tj maxx parking lot

ahahaha Oh my that's the best thing i've ever seen !
Lego CC. :D

Lego CC = Awesome  .... That made my day ! ;D
Lego Alice looks evil ! ^^
Baptism live at Frequency Festival, Austria - August 2009

I was there in the front row :) kitten, what a flashlight massacre!!
right now i'm in love with this vid because of alice dancing (especially from 2:00)

no one's noticed this. pro shot televised footage of cc live in barcelona, at the sonar festival which later ended in disaster

pro shot stuff is always good!! I'm too tired of crappy handy vids :D