/updated april 2014/

Untrust Us covered by Capital Children's Choir

Sad Eyes

Wrath of God (stream)

/Plague video /by Ivan Grbin

"Have fun. If anything gets deleted don't cry."
i made this video in a tj maxx parking lot

ahahaha Oh my that's the best thing i've ever seen !
Lego CC. :D

Lego CC = Awesome  .... That made my day ! ;D
Lego Alice looks evil ! ^^
Baptism live at Frequency Festival, Austria - August 2009

I was there in the front row :) kitten, what a flashlight massacre!!
right now i'm in love with this vid because of alice dancing (especially from 2:00)

Crystal Castles - Intimate (Fan Music Video)

Crystal Castles - Intimate (Fan Music Video)

Great video!

ha thats my video! i came on here to tell you kittens i just made it and bam, you already found it. I made it 3days ago... howd u find it so fast :)

thanx for the comments btw.

[edit: i emailed grouch86 aug 2011 looking to get this video back online.  -admin]