flavin wrote...

Crystal Castles put end a show for a fight with member of the staff of Creamfield in Buenos Aires in the second song,

Crystal Castles the sunday they finish a show in Creamfield Buenos Aires, because a memeber of a staff without reason take off a mic of Alice, then she start to fight for the mic, and then Ethan go down from escenario and start to fight too then they finish the show, was so sad be there :( i really want to watch all the show Alice is Amazing!!

We put this in our blog

is in spanish :( but translate with google

the last pic is when they start to fight for the mic.

see you guys
random: When i'm going back home on my own very late at night after partying I tend to listen to CC bootlegs..it gets me a "defensive agressive "mood...so that If i feel threatened by someone I'd only think something like " Go on, come here and you'll see who wins! " ahah

So thanks CC for helping my late nights journey's home!