She Wolf a part of the song sounds like Crimewave . I just want the new CC CD already Oct is here please be next month ! ???
Shakira was really the only Spanish-language artist I actually liked growing up in the 90s, when i was a little lad lol.

Back when she was a brunette, not this blonde she turned into once she entered the US English-based market.

I like her early stuff, pre-English era. It's very 90s, hah, but i think catchy, in all honesty. I don't really care for the English stuff, but kitten, you do you boo.

She sounds way better in Spanish, all her stuff sounds better in Spanish. The English stuff rarely does it any justice, if its good at all.

I think i faintly remember the Bravery... sorta. I'm sure i'd recognize it, if i heard a song.