"Shakira has gone on record saying she drew inspiration from Canadian terrorwave-act Crystal Castles (who are infamous for drinking blood and doing stuff like this at shows) for the record. So, needless to say, it should be interesting.

Pharrell forced her to step outside her box and learn to work more quickly, while Hill introduced her to terrorwave acts like Crystal Castles: “They’re a good example of how electronica can take you to different places.”"

i love the song !! :)
erf, even the almost naked video couldn't convince me to listen to the song until the end i'm afraid but it's true she has a great voice to work with
Wow, I kept hearing this song on the radio and always wondered who it was haha! Didn't expect to find the name here
Not really feeling it...
The "AWOOOOO"s  in the background get really annoying.
This is my fondest memory of Shakira.

I have no idea how to embed youtube vids.
What is this!
i don't even ....
have . ..
the worst is the howl in the chorus. AAAEWWWWW!
She just listed CC as a favorite act of hers on the Mtv VMA's pre show. :P

She just listed CC as a favorite act of hers on the Mtv VMA's pre show. :P

yeah, i saw that too lmao
same . . . I dropped my jaw when she said that