hai guys, if anyone is interested in becoming a moderator, let me know below.

i hadn't been able to be around these few months due to uni work (which i'm hopefully almost done with this year)
I'm interested!  I know I'm a relatively new member but I usually visit the site at least a couple times a day (often more), and have been doing so for almost 4 years, long before joining.  No worries though if you don't pick me, lol.
What exactly are the requirements?
Mono, what are the requirements? Like Vivian Cancer asked
I love the forum but eh I'm not mod quality
I'm really interested!
oo, new moderators! gl to u all that want to apply for dis
i see you ppl beneth the shadous HEhehe ;)
hope u unban exo bai xoxox
asnd stop the russian spambots
How much is the payment?
I could be interested depending on that.
Female, consider you would pay me less
Since when are mod gigs paid? xD I can only hope you're joking. I've moderated a few different servers, on video games and discord. Haven't had the chance (or want) to moderate a forum until now. Never once have I been paid to and I wouldn't expect to be paid haha. Now, developers get paid for their work. But they do a hell of a lot more than banning, or deleting posts, or moving posts to relevant topics etc.
Mono can pay me any way he wants.
I'm moving to LA area soon!