Edith: "One-hundred percent of the proceeds from the album's physical copies will go to Amnesty International."

What an absolute babe ❤
This made me love her even more
wow it's so cool that she's a fellow iowan! i would not have expected that
IT WAS RECORDED IN A HAUNTED RECORDING STUDIO I'M LOSING MY MIND. It's like how I felt when I found out most of (II) was recorded in an abandoned church in the dead of Iceland's coldest winter in years. I can't get over how perfect this band is. Everything they do is art.
"No We're only talking about the new era. And, you know, only because we want to respect her. Not being able to talk about herself and be here."

"Alice was an awesome frontwoman,"

How nice! <3
I like Henry Rollins even more as a comedian/story-teller, he's great. Love that guy.

One of all my all time fav bands had a second singer as well: Sneaker Pimps. Which was really strange, cuz the former singer was a female and she was ultimately replaced by a male singer (admittedly, he was already doing production, and had done the original vocals, but they figured female vocals worked even better at the time). The releases that followed with the male voice was just as good, if not better, imo.

im so happy we get to hear from edith😌. its nice knowing alittle more about the women behind the shades.
The story of how they met makes me love the Concrete video even more.
edith has really come so far in less than a year of touring, bless her heart, it's clear she has a lot more confidence on stage <3
I love Edith so much. Funny story
I love everything about Edith so much. 

A YEAR! We love you Edith! I still remember first time I saw her and thought she was perfect for the band.
And she's been more than awesome!
edith <3
she is so good in cc, better than i could have imagined