It's that time of the year again, if you're not registered yet, register here:

Lets legalize marijuana in California (we were the first to legalize it medically! Lets finally legalize it fully), Nevada, Arizona, Maine and so forth, list can be found here:

Sign up and vote, even if you don't care about anything else. You don't have to vote for everything, just at least vote for this :3

You don't even have to enjoy marijuana to be supportive of the measure. This will help decrease the mass incarceration of people due to the war on drugs (especially among minorities - systematic racism). Further, it takes away business from the black market here in the US and countries south of the border (cartels will be forced to look for other avenues, which are more difficult to cultivate).

Plus, the revenue that is collected from taxes can go to help fund schools, which we desperately need in underserved public schools.

Help stop the violence, mass incarceration, and disenfranchisement of millions of people. VOTE!
Are the growers in California still anti-legalization. I'm gonna be really jealous if California legalizes it right after I moved to Austin. I really want to see it legalized nationwide in my lifetime.
most people want it legalize, as long as they are not put at a disadvantage etc
We passed it :)

As long as Trump keeps his greedy hands to himself, we should be fine for now. If anything, big weed will probz have to get lobbyist in DC to keep his hands away.
Weed was legalized in Massachusetts too! \m/
btw argentina is not ready to legalize marijuana i mean

alot of ppl is mental ill here, most likely males, who kills females bc no reason

n another high percentaG is like mythomaniac

what a shit, i dream mm about movin' out of here but then macri
it's lit fam, cum thru