baby-yo. I will be looking into the emails not sending out to people for password recovery and activation. Hopefully I'll have it sorted tonight. Sorry for being MIA recently :3

feel free to shoot me an email if you need direct help, i'm currently going through all the emails that I didn't have time until now to read and go over etc

Doing a lot of catch-up this week
ok activation emails should be sending out now o.o

Check your spam folders, especially in gmail, cuz sometimes the emails go there and you wont see anything from the cc domain otherwise
Ok, so apparently, hotmail has blocked the server atm.

hence no activation email being sent out. i'll have to look into it.
Currently trying to get white listed, sent a message to Microsoft.

Seems like they received too many emails from the server recently and flagged it -_-

of course Microsoft would do something like this.

Until then, i can't reply to anyone with at least the hotmail domain, and you basically can't receive any emails if you have a hotmail email from the site until they fix it. hopefully soon. lol.
We're not even listed on spamhaus:

I hate microsoft so much -_-

all the more why i don't use any of their stuff anymore.
Yeah, they haven't gotten their shit together with emails, lol.

I activated the microsoft related emails accounts either way, so if people signed up and coudln't login, you should be able to now. Unfortunately i can't send you a message telling you lmao
I removed the email activation for the time being, until microsoft gets it's shit together

Hopefully we don't get bombarded with spambots, otherwise i'll have to put it back on.

Microsoft replied... and they replied with an outdate/dead link, lol.

Apparently things are being mitigated and that I'm being monitored/watched for further review regarding any potential spam issue :p

and that i should join a program they have to monitor junk mail

It's like i'm 4 years old.

anyway, supposedly, emails for like outlook/hotmail or w/e will go through, but not guaranteed... uhhh ok, bruh.

So if you use outlook/hotmail or w/e, just mark anything from as NOT JUNK, to help us out here.