Saw them live at the Glasshouse in Pomona last month. From the show, Antiquate seems to be one of those slower pre-intro songs before the Mozart classical music kicks in. Antiquate was definitely louder than the other music being played before CC hit the stage. Antiquate is definitely in the vein of Femen.

Can't wait for The Wiltern show in Oct :)
Huh, guess i'm gong back to the observatory...that's gonna be 3 times seeing them with edith at the same place :P
I think this is Antiquate:

Or is this just Frail?

it's frail! i think antiquate was not played yet and they are just putting new tracks on setlists for the hype : )
i wish they'd come anywhere near southeast europe
Who else is heading to the Boston show?
Who else is heading to the Boston show?

I'm hoping I can !
no chicago :( :( at least they r doing lolla
Now Ethan uses "Sadist" as the intro for "Kerosene" ❤️ The instrumental sounds lovely!

Thanks for the concert yesterday at Monterrey, MX.
Incredible and sweaty show in London last night ❤
Did we ever hear this instrumental being DJ'ed at one of their sets before? (Track is after TKIC)