SXSW Music 2016, next March 15-20 in Austin too.

SXSW was booked a while ago wasn't it? I'm hoping we'll have the album by then... I hate when CC say new things are coming "soon"

I can almost taste the album's spring release.
i hope they play a full set, 8 songs at least. everyone would love songs like year of silence, vietnam and violent dreams live (same formula worked with crimewave, also a song with samples vocals from other artist that worked live with a vocoder), air war too. violent youth didn't involved alice either, and since we know edith can actually sing live it would be awesome to hear that. same with intimate if i remember well.
at least air war, intimate and violent youth should be on sets, they're all possible and have been played before.

if not i would love to hear more new songs live.

I've always dreamt about a live performance of Year of Silence, with different vocals.
it's nice to see that they are starting to get more active again! i feel like since they already have a few shows and frail + deicide, it wouldn't be too shocking if they would release the IV soon. hope they come to sweden. (◍ᴗ◍)♡ ✧*。
Travelling down from Manchester for the Tuesday show in London by myself.
Gonnabe totally worth it though.
hope to see tjhem "sooon!"
Anyone from oakland ca willing to have gas money to go see CC at vivaphx I'm willing to drive.
Less than two weeks to go. Hope we get tons of decent quality footage.
First SoCal show!!!!!!
Such a great lineup! If you haven't heard these LA bands from Burger Records...DO IT NOW!