Now that we have been blessed with the news that CC is recording its fourth album, I was wondering what will happen to the other unreleased tracks that were mentioned after III. "Never Been Touched" and the 4 acoustic tracks of the Affection EP will die like all the other demos and bootlegs from Ž07-ish times? "Never Been Touched" was completely written and produced by Alice, perhaps sheŽll re-record it and release it on her own?

As for the speculation surrounding IV, we donŽt know if Frail belongs to it. Ethan mentioned its release as an announcement rather than a leading single. I believe the song is great and will slay during live performances (which I hope will continue or be re-invented), but I think Ethan has already made a masterpiece of an album with Alice in III, regarding the Witch House vibe/production. Will we hear another sound in the next release? CC is known for having 3 totally different albums, but containing the same flare.

Never Been Touched" was completely written and produced by Alice, perhaps sheŽll re-record it and release it on her own

woah i was thinking this like, today or yesterday.
i kinda want it to happen

also before the new album mute must be leaked IT MUST
i feel like im gonna die without a mute release/live performance
that makes me sad.
Want to talk about topics like this one a lot.
This world does not end if we do not stop to find.
Does anyone know if there's any history in CC's choice to cover Platinum Blonde's "Not in Love"? AND add Robert Smith to the track?

Looking back at it, it seems like such an odd move from the band. (There was no way anyone could have predicted the success it would garner and how it would catapult their exposure).
Robert Smith loved CC and asked to remix Suffocation. Kath suggested that instead of a remix, Smith should replace Kath's vocals on Not In Love. The demo version leaked before they could finish it. They decided the leaked demo would be the final version and they left it unfinished. That's why the vocals are so loud in the mix: it was never mixed properly.
i recall reading some twitter suggesting they would collab with kanye west for the next record (hell itself, i said fuck no). glad i found out the rumor was only based on a random joke on cc's instagram account

Anyone with common sense knows that Kanye West is disgusting.

I can't imagine a Robert Smith Suffocation Remix. What if, what if...