for those of you uninformed, i'll share a little bit of knowledge.

alice's name comes from alice in wonderland and or the book "go ask alice" (the title of go ask alice comes from alice in wonderland anyhow)

"Edith Liddell was the younger sister of Alice Liddell. She, along with her nuns Alice and Lorina Liddell were told the original story by Lewis Carroll, when he took the nuns on a boat trip on July 4, 1862."

edith is obviously either alice and cc is pulling one massive fucking troll on all of us, or edith is actually a sibling of alice - which wouldn't be far fetched considering the rumours of a ~10 year old being the vocals on these recent demos.

i believe that edith has a very close tie to alice in some way if she's not actually just her, as no new vocalist in the right mind would want to live in alice's shadow by picking the name of her sister in the lore of which her name derives. or perhaps ethan would go as far as to pick the name of the new vocalist for aesthetic purposes? not unlikely.

just my two cents.
i think she need to be  a
she's with a church in LA
Edith Francis
Guessing this has already been said somewhere on the forum though
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Oh I wish I was a fan when this was a secret! So entertaining
Oh I wish I was a fan when this was a secret! So entertaining
I was sure she would be Paris Hilton.