edi = Edith? daughter???

oh this is skye fererra. but she does look like the girl from the other pic idk.
this answered my question is there any more pic?
-removed pic-

It isn't - mono
always left wondering :'
I think Edith might just be a moniker for somebody and Ethan is getting a good crack out of sending people on this wild goose chase to find out who's in that pic and to find out who "Edith" really is. "Edi" probably isn't even the babby in the pic, just saying. I remember reading that Ethan had said that 'knife fight' isn't his track but it uses the same sample in Knights, so... I dunno if Ethan is just messing around like he did with the whole Atari sound chips thing.

Ethan wasn't messing around with the Atari soundchips thing, he stated that he TRIED to get an ATARI soundchip to work in a synth but he realised it was impossible. The media just misreported it by saying he actually used an ATARI soundchip which caused gearheads to mock him saying that he was lying cause they knew it wasn't possible.
wow i really needed to laugh thank you so much
I reckon Edith is Ethan... He's already pitched his own vocals up on 'Violent Youth' and they sounded very 'Alice' like
Why wouldn't he just say it's him then?
I was totally convinced it was Sadie Pinn from Crim3s at  first, sounds VERY similar
Why wouldn't he just say it's him then?

bcos ppl would imagine him singing those sensual vocals crying and wearing fabulous gothic dress with smeared makup and torn stockings, obviously. and i'm not saying this is a bad thing.