Oi, if you're not receiving any password reset emails, it is probably due to Google blocking said emails (i keep receiving failure notices). Google thinks it is spam.

So what you can possibly do is whitelist crystalcastles.com:




If that doesn't help, just send me an email:


Eventually I'll look into it more properly, but I don't have a lot of free time at the moment, unfortunately. blargh.

do i have to reset my password mono?
you're able to login just fine, so probz not.

i'm just speaking in terms of people who have been requesting to reset their passwords, for w/e reason

tho sometimes it doesn't work cuz their email is wrong
ye idk why admins changed my pic to a sim and my name too
because you are playing
so lost, but i'll reset anyone who wants a reset, just message me, lmao