Really good video:

Currently the NSA are unable to break (we assume based on their classified information):

GNUPG (4096 bit)
SIGNAL/TextSecure (and I don't necessarily mean via Whatsapp or w/e, we have no idea what they do with it in their environment - plus, it introduces so many other variables - use at your own risk. Whatsapp is owned by Facebook!)

aaaand Truecrypt!

Which, I may add, weirdly stopped operations this past year! Randomly. But it still is available for download.

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glorious day everyone:

Snowden movie trailer

I noticed the embed feature only works here if you use the HTTP version instead of HTTPS. Is it possible to fix this?
I'd have to look into that :)

Looking forward to the movie!

also, edward snowden tweeted about my school!

I can die happy now.