I've been wondering for quite a while, what is this device that's always under Ethan's synth?  Never seen that in any other keyboard setups that I can recall.  (I hope this isn't a silly question, lol.  While I love electronic (and all kinds of) music, I'm still in the process of learning about a lot of the equipment and software that goes into making and performing it.)

btw what happened with ethans facebook account
well he had like 5 accounts
not even sure if real or fake
omg i realised ive been following ethan since he born !!!!!!!! best fan imo
ethan fb is deleted because he topped 5k friends.
and dino wasnt one of them

so it was a "dino or nothing" message/
Na, it's because his friend requests were full so I couldn't add him. It made him a sad Ethan.
this will be like the third ethan i have to add
i remember when i would use shitty sofT to make baby edi old.
i was so alone in that adventure.
fucking fans nobody contacted me 2015

i was so cute here but no lets ignore din

im here bb im here relax. we lov din!