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Discovering Higgs Boson today sounds like American chauvinism to me, tbh.


Nah, i swear I even forgot it was the 4th of July. Too much on the mind sometimes.
I dont like this new RANDOM RANDOM RANDOM thread :(
The other one should be sticked!

Anyways this is what I have always dreamt for, to comment on the page 1 of the random thread :D
But guys, this picture though. How can you just get rid of this picture. I love seeing this picture when I go to the first page of the random thread.

"The particle has been so difficult to pin down that the physicist Leon Lederman reportedly wanted to call his book "The Goddamn Particle." But he truncated that epithet to "The God Particle," which may have helped elevate the particle's allure in popular culture."

There was actually a play done at my school this year called the "God Particle" based on a couple that dies trying to discover the Higgs Boson but they have this machine that they can plug into their brains and access their mind/memories and they reunite in their minds together and find the "God particle"
twas pretty awesome they used a projection screen and film to show the "memories" and the person accessing them all while they were all on stage too and the girl was religious so she was justifying the uncertainty of God with certain uncertainties in science and why we still believe it etc
omg the picture of the dead rat being fucked always has me in stitches
when I say Lord you say God

thank you

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