"Crystal Castles recording new album in Warsaw. Third album to be released Summer 2012."

Yessssssssssss Im ecstatic!!!!!!!!  Ik once theyd finished their touring in January, they'd be starting a new album.  And their next gig is in late June.Im so fucking happy right now
I am too excited. I absolutely cannot wait for the day it comes out. x
I trust them.

cannot wait....
will have to...
just exploded with excitement. new album, bsides (or trash, as referred to by the nme) from cc2, suffocation vinyl etc and touring in winter probably. fuck yeah!
Nice, pumped to hear new material.
It's going to be a good summer
it's good to hear a more solid release window
Yes! Earlier than I had expected too.
Well thats all I needed. Confirmation from the band.
I know what I'll be listening to during the apocalypse...